Best of Both Worlds​: A ​Smaller Galley but a ​Larger ​Sink.

The IWS 4 is the perfect size for medium to smaller kitchens, or in outdoor kitchens. It is a favorite of individuals, couples, and smaller families. This 1-person Galley Workstation® is smartly-equipped with a 6-piece Culinary Kit in your choice of White or Black Resin, or Natural Bamboo.






1 Person Workstation


Stylish 16-Gauge Stainless Steel

Fabricated in one piece with the highest quality stainless steel and TrueEdge Design.


Versatile Double-tier Design

Functionality on a whole new level! Accessories slide above and below each other on upper and lower tiers.


Angel Finish

Custom hand-crafted finish for superior wear and easy maintenance.


Reversible Sink with Side Drain

Maximizes usable storage under the sink. The sink can be installed with a right or left drain location.


Hand-Crafted in the USA

Each Galley is skillfully manufactured and carefully inspected in America.


Ideal Flow™ Drain Cover

Our round Drain Cover conceals the drain while still allowing water to flow freely into the drain.




The Ideal Workstation 4 Culinary Kit

It’s What Makes The Galley a Galley.

  • Black

  • White

  • Natural Bamboo

6 Piece Culinary Kit included

Recommended Additional Accessories for Your IWS