Château 75

Château Series

The Château 75 is the baby of the family, a small but stately range which can satisfy the La Cornue passion.

Nearly 30″ in width, this range features one standard vaulted oven, either gas or electric, and three cooktop configurations.

chateau 75

Cooktop Configurations

Reversible Griddle

Linear gas burner running front-to-back set beneath a reversible cast aluminum plate coated in non-stick enamel. One side is grooved for panini and the other is smootth for pancakes or grilled cheese.

Natural Gas 14,500 BTU
Propage Gas 14,500 BTU

Note: Coating cast aluminum does not create a perfectly smooth surface and some imperfections may be visible to the naked eye.

2 Gas Burners

Two brass burners set inside an enameled drip tray and topped with an enamel-coated cast-iron grate.

Front Burner
Natural Gas 17,000 BTU
Propane Gas 12,500 BTU

Rear Burner
Natural Gas 7,500 BTU
Propane Gas 6,000 BTU

Plaque "French Top"

One brass burner installed beneath a solid cast-iron top serves as the heat source for the entire cast-iron surface. The cast-iron plaque becomes the cooking center and offers variable heat zones with the strongest heat in the center, directly above the burner, and diffusing outwards. Allows for multiple sauce pans above a single indirect heat source.

Natural Gas 12,000 BTU
Propane Gas 11,500 BTU

Lava rock grill

Linear gas burner running front-to-back set beneath a bed of natural lava rocks and topped with an enamel-coated, open style grill.

Natural Gas 14,500 BTU
Propane Gas 14,500 BTU

2 Electric Burners

Two solid cast-iron electric burners set inside a stainless-steel surround. Ideal for controlled heat and more delicate dishes, such as omelettes crepes, soups or reductions, and for use beneath a griddle.

2,000 Watts each

Power Burner

One oversized brass burner set inside an enalamed drip tray with an enamel-coated cast iron-grate. Ideal for oversized sauce pans, searing, sauteing, and high-heat cooking.

Natural gas 22,000 BTU
Propane gas 22,000 BTU